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Keepers Attmans Aces Down Results

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Seven three-man teams played in our first Keepers Attmans Aces Down event on a glorious evening. This event provided a new format that required each three-man team to pick 15 of their 27 individual net scores as they went. Their total of these net scores to par determined their Attman’s score.

Using various well thought out or possible random strategic approaches three teams tied for the top spot with net totals of 6-under.

The Len The Plumber-Freaky Friedson-Professor Brett team might have out thought themselves when they took a pair of pars on their 8th hole to get them to 14 scores because they could only use one of the two, apparently unexpected, net birdies they made on #9. With both of those birdies counting they would have won outright at 7-under.

The Woodstock Kleinman-Sky King Lipnick-Mark S Goldstein group played possum being only 1-under in the first five holes but they stormed back with five birdies over the last five to break the tape tied for first.

Kojak, Bobys, and The Cub Reporter George Solomon did something similar as got contribution through their ranks making up four shots in the last three holes with two net birdies and a net eagle.

This proved an entertaining format for all involved and will definitely make an appearance again next year in an 18-hole iteration.

To cap the evening 10 hungry Keepers descended upon Attman’s Deli in Potomac to take advantage of the 20% off coupon Attman’s provided.   Good news was it was diet sodas for everyone….bad news was there are a significant number of corned beef and pastrami sandwiches now missing from Attman’s inventory.